Monday, April 6, 2009

Cajun Creole Bisque

1 HMR® Chicken Creole Entree
1 packet HMR® 500 Chicken Soup
1 cup hot water
Pepper or seasonings to taste

Microwave entree and water for 1-2 minutes until piping hot. Put water and chicken soup packet contents in blender. Hold top so steam does not push lid up when blender is turned on. Stop blender, add hot entree packet to blender, blend. Add pepper to taste. Cover, resume blending. Pour into large bowl or mug or over a baked potato. Enjoy!

Suggestion: You can add any heated vegetables or beans or another HMR entree to make a chunky cajun creole soup.

Found this recipe on the McKinney Diabetes & Weight Management recipe site.

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