Saturday, April 4, 2009

Waffles! Yummy!

One problem I've been having on this diet is figuring out how to consume these shakes. They aren't excellent and I don't really like drinking them. A few weeks ago I found a recipe for making waffles. Well, it was 8pm tonight when I realized I still had 3 shakes to get down tonight. How will I get them all in?! That's when I opened the HMR recipe book and found the piece of paper with the waffle recipe in it. I immediately told Bobby we MUST try it. We've had little success with baking shakes in the past, but we aren't giving up... we still have 8 (9 for him) weeks to get through. That's 168 shakes! so we gave it a shot. THEY WERE DELICIOUS! Each waffle counts for two shakes. We each had 2 waffles. BOOM! 4 shakes out of the way -- which will make the people at DMC excited, they love when you practice "More is Better". I topped my waffle with a little fat-free whipped cream and some fresh strawberries. Bobby used a maple syrup that is made with Spelnda and has very low calories. It's probably "Out of the Box"- but whatever, it's low enough calories and it really makes the waffle experience complete.

EDIT: We originally made the waffles with HMR 120 shakes. Today we tried to make them with HMR 800 shakes. It tasted the same, but they came out a little crunchier-which I actually liked. YUM!

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