Thursday, April 2, 2009

FYI: one

Did you know you can easily calculate the number of calories you would need each day to maintain your weight? It's easy. Multiply your weight by your multiplier (11 for women, 12 for men) and there you have it, the number of calories you would need each day to stay the same weight you are now.

Think about it:
Let's say we have a man who weighs 250lbs. He would have to eat 3,000 (250x12) calories a day to stay at 250lbs. That's a lot of calories... or so you think. Sometimes you never know what you are putting in your mouth.

Did you know a Large Heath Bar Shake at Baskin Robins is 2310 calories?!?! Less than two of those puppies and a 250lb man would start packing on the pounds.
Did you know a Blimpie Veggie Supreme (12 inches) is 1,106 calories?!?! That's the same number of calories as 2, that's right 2 McDonald's Big Macs. 1,106 calories is one third of that 250lb man's daily calorie intake.

I can continue, but talking about the yummy (but TERRIBLE) foods is too much for me to handle, haha.

Now you wonder why American's weigh so much... and if you think about it, a few simple meal replacements could turn that all around. The 250lb man could easily lose weight by cutting his daily calorie intake back to 2,000 calories, and that's still a good amount of food each day.

Now you know.

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